Thursday, November 23, 2006

stamped candles

Today I decided to bite the bullet and do some stamped candles. I've had these candles for about a year, but last year I was too scared of stuffing up and so shoved them in the cupboard and forgot about them. There's been quite a few stamped candles on the Splitcoast gallery, so I decided it was time I tried it.

The technique is simple really (stamp on white tissue paper, cut out, heat candle till wax melts and adhears the image), but I think I'll need a few goes to perfect it... I've got wrinkles and edges that I'd rather weren't there. I quite like the silhouette looks, so I chose solid stamps (and the Fiskars hand-plier butterfly punch for the small candle) from a variety of companies, and pulled out all my shimmery purple inks (3 Brilliance and an Encore). I rock'n'rolled the flower parts of the stamps on the large candle in the Brilliance Victorian Violet for a bit of added interest. The punch butterflies are from some Phil Taylor metallic tissue paper that I haven't seen in the shops for years (so I guess you can tell now that I am a bit of a hoarder). If I can tidy these up they'll be part of my Mum's Christmas present (yes, she does like purple too).


Tracey said...

Ooooh very noice Lavs - and I'm the same as you, bought a stack of them last year and put them away - too scared in case I stuffed up LOL...they look fantastic

Angela said...

Oh Lavenda, they look really lovely. :) Well done.

Oops! Just realised I also bought some candles last year and put them away in case I stuffed them up too. LOL. Hmmm, am thinking of pushing some brads into them here and there or maybe tying a ribbon around them too.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Rebecca Ross said...

Try wrapping wax paper (the real wax paper, not Gladbake) around the decorated candle and heat. This leaves a layer of wax over the image and gives a neater finish. You just have to make sure you hold the wax paper taut and be careful not to burn your fingers!