Saturday, April 21, 2007


We like to spring surprises on our girls... we tell them we are going shopping and we end up somewhere completely different (I think we took it to the extreme when we ended up in QLD last year). So, this morning we put sunscreen on, and the girls got suspiscious. We went and did the groceries. Kept saying to them "see, we didn't do anything special, we did the shopping like we said we would". However, we didn't make it home straight away. Instead, this happened:
There is a Medieval Fair on at Blackbutt this weekend. The girls had a ball, insisted we stay and watch the jousting and fighting displays for a second time. So, anyone around Newcastle with nothing to do on Sunday, it finishes at 4pm :-)

All these photos, and more, can be seen larger here.


Angela said...

Oh how cool! Your little girls are so cute.

Joanna said...

Hi Carol,

That looks like so much fun. I love how you surprise your girls with fun activities - what a great idea!

Also I have tagged you! You have to list 7 things about yourself and then list 7 blogs you like to visit. Have fun.

Mrs Adept said...

I'm an hour and 10 mins late. LOL I also have tagged you too for the 7 things about yourself. LOL. :)

Karen Oliver said...

*snort* oh you are so popular, I tagged you as well rotflol.

beate said...

That is too cool! I bet you all had a blast!!! Great picture collage.