Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How quickly I was replaced

All I can say at the moment is... now I know how Marin felt. LOL. Marin Frist, from "Men In Trees", had an article published in The New Yorker, and is in New York when the new issue came out and suddenly she was old news. So now that "my" issue of APC is no longer the current one I will scan it so those that missed it can see my cards in print. Guess this feeling is because I loved those cards so much. I probably have some other things I could share with you but I'm a little scatter brained at the moment, been a bit preoccupied the last week or so. Not sure when I will get the chance to create again, though it's probably been good to have a break from it. But I also haven't been on the forums and reading blogs much so I'm going to have some catching up to do there. Anyway, must go and get breaky organised


Marelle Taylor said...

No, you're irreplaceable Carol! And we've been missing you! Where ya been???

sharon said...

Everything OK Carol......get the feeling they aren't???

Hoping you're OK.....big hugs

Tracey said...

Been missing you around the place - will chat soon lovey!