Tuesday, August 11, 2009

...And Then They're Gonna Be Pretty

Well, I hope you think the new blog look is pretty (or positive variations thereof, such as beautiful, gorgeous, lovely... I'll accept all those!). I'm rather chuffed that it took me less than 24 hours (with some sleep and real life included) to sort the bulk of it out, and that's after changing templates and starting from scratch mid-way through. Still have the header image to sort out, but otherwise I feel done! If you notice anything looking wierd let me know... I haven't tested things in different browsers and resolutions etc yet, so things may not look as nicely arranged and rendered for everyone.

Thanks to Three Column Blogger and Tips For New Bloggers for the refresher course in playing with code (I forgot how fun it was! lol ).


sharon said...

hmmmmm very smick Carol!! Love it!!

Kylie S said...

Love the new look! Very stylish indeed.