Monday, October 30, 2006

a begining

ok, so this isn't my first blog. But I thought it would be nice to have one central place where I post about my creative endeavours.

Since I didn't make a card today I thought I would instead post a pic of where the magic usually takes place. Well... kinda. I don't have a craft room, I don't even have a dedicated area. It's just taking over the house here, there and everywhere! I stamp at the kitchen bench, took over the kitchen table a long time ago (which is where I have some sort of a storage set up, but mostly it's somewhere to move things when the bench is needed), and I have things in the linen cupboard, pantry and another cupboard. Anyway, here is a picture of the table:
This is pretty standard... complete mess! I've just finished making a heap of cards for the school fete and haven't got around to cleaning up yet. The drawers house some inkpads and reinkers, craft knives (I use a blunt one for scoring and a sharp one for cutting), water pens, scissors and other stuff like that. Another drawer has plastic bags of various types and sizes that I use for packaging swaps and things. Top drawer on the left is scrap paper, lower down is unfinished cards, templates and cardstock that has been cut into and I have been too lazy to file straight away. On the right is some chipboard, sponges, punchies. The empty fruit bowl is the last remnant of the kitchen tables real purpose (was filed not long after when we returned from doing the groceries). On top of the right drawer is rubber off-cuts (which I have saved thinking I will cut up into my own stamps...), there's also a paper bag with card scraps that I use for testing colours on. Sometimes there's something large enough to be useable, but the way things have been shoved in more often than not it's too scrunched to be used. And yes, there are stamps piled on that chair because there isn't room in my fielcases for them. As you can see... a lot of sorting out to do. Boy do I need to work out some better storage and organisation!


Princess Tamara said...

Totally loving your blog name, lavs! I feel a little bit more normal when I look at that pic too .. it's almost like someone snuck into my house and took a photo after I've been working on something, except I have a rectangle table!

Tracey said...

Fantastic Lavs...looks so familiar its not funny! I must do some pics - its always so much fun seeing where everyone works!

Angela said...

Yay! At last, a real life photo. Everyone else tidys for days and you don't get to see what their stamping areas really look like.