Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wrapping Paper CASE

It is my nephew's birthday on Thursday, and I only got around to making his card today (I will be posting it, so it's not like I could do it on the day and it still be on time!). I've had this basic plan in mind for quite some time, but there was a lot of nutting out to do when it came to construction time.

Stuart is a big Dora fan, and I had bought him some Dora jigsaws, then got the wrapping paper to match and began thinking "how can I do a card to match?" I do like to try and match the card to the wrapping or gift, and when I had another look at the paper I realised I should be able to pull this off! I used the EK 1 1/2" circle Whale of a Punch and Carl CP1 star on the card base, the wooden letters are ones I picked up from a cheapie shop some time ago and had never used, and I painted them with some Folk Art paint that I had on hand. I made the white layer for the letters by laying them upside down on the back of the white card and tracing around them with a pencil (letting the pencil's width to create the margin). Now that it is all together I am thinking the circles should have something on them as they look a little bare, but I can't think what I could do to them that wouldn't detract from the name. I also contemplated putting "the birthday boy" on in the same way the Dora logo has "the explorer", but couldn't think of a reasonably simple and quick method. Anyway, no chance to do anything now, it goes postal tomorrow morning.


tara said...

What an awesome, awesome idea!

Angela said...

Oh very cool! I love it. :D