Saturday, March 03, 2007

Me, two girls and a Nutcracker

Today I took the girls in to see the Queensland Ballet performance of 'The Nutcracker'. In keeping with our usual form, we told them we were going shopping. For a while they thought we were seeing a movie, then they thought it was a play, but as soon as the music started, they knew what it was, and the smiles and excitement were so worth it. They sat through Act I pretty much spellbound, though asking a few questions about what was going on (as the story followed the more traditional ballet version, rather than what they were more familiar with (where Clara breaks the Mouse Kings spell on the Nutcracker)). At the interval they were prancing around in any available space like most of the other young girls in the audience. They didn't really settle after that, even though the second act has the most music they are familiar with (or because of that). It was funny watching them take things in and suss them out for the first time, they both had a ball though by the end were finding it a bit long (particuarly the applause LOL). Hopefully the next time something similar is on it will be at a different venue and we can claim to be shopping again, mwahahahaha

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Tracey said...

That sounds like so much fun Lavs - what a blast seeing them take in something like that (no way would my son sit through that LOL, or DD at this stage!) Hope to see you scrapping this sometime soon!