Friday, November 23, 2007

Again with the ornaments!

I should be working on a birthday card today, but this morning when I saw Mary Brown's ornament tutorial I just had to give them a go! These three ornaments have been made from half a sheet of Holiday Thyme paper. Since there was enough of this sheet (left over from my German ornaments) to make three I decided to do one with the dark side showing out, one with the light side showing out, and one with alternating pieces. They are so quick and easy! I also used 2x2" pieces to make mine and while I didn't measure them against a ruler, they are just slightly smaller than the German ornaments. Thank you to Shaelea for playing Christmas tree for me biggrin


Mary said...

These turned out GREAT!!! And aren't they just SOOO easy! Glad you tried them out.

Mary Brown

dd2njoy said...

Ooh I love them!!! They are so pretty,I can visualize a tree full of them,Wow!!!!