Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Shock! Horror!

I actually scrapped! heheheh

Cath at The Little Scrapbook Shop had a cybercrop on Friday night, and got right into the Christmas spirit by giving us an extra day to work on and upload our entries. I had done three of the four challenges (2 cards and a box), but the layout version of one challenge kept niggling me in the back of the head: a layout using a photo of gift giving or recieving, and include a tag. The reason this challenge wouldn't leave me alone? I had this fab photo of Tiarna that was just begging to be scrapped. So with an extra day to play, I decided to have a go at my very first layout:

Of course, I'm nitpicking a lot of things about it, but we all do that with our own work don't we? It'll do for a first go I think.


Princess Tamara said...

Woo hoo - go, you scrapper you! Love it ... and yep, we all nit pick our own stuff.

Michelle Thomas said...

I didn't realise that you hadn't scrapped before and what a great effort for your first one.



Tracey said...

LOL talk about a CC of firsts.... well done Lavs, looks fabulous