Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Be warned - this is a rambling post!

Yes, I've been off to Potterville too recently. Didn't think I'd be doing the line-up thing, but we lost power Fri night and it wasn't back on Sat morning, so no point doing the groceries. When I finished the book I had to take myself off to the Leaky Lounge to read some discussion and hopefully get it out of my system so I could actually think about some other things. Managed to stay away from it yesterday and make some cards, so I'll have something to post later after I take photos.

It was a bit of de ja vu with losing power (it ended up being off for about 24 hours, think it was related to the gas leak at Warners Bay), earlier in the day the hot water system was playing up... it was a bit like the storm all over again, staying over at the inlaws again and all! But now at least (when the power is on) I can do our own laundry... never thought I'd be cheering to do my own laundry! Still waiting on a bunch of other stuff to be sorted out (the aircon completely died when the power did come back on... thankfully we could borrow a heater back off the inlaws... but it's not the same), just gotta try and ignore the frustration of things not being normal.

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