Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Arwen card

AKA Cinema Saturday #14 part 8
It's my sister's birthday today, and now that I know she has received her card I can finally share it with you. This was actually the second card I made in preparation for the Cinema Saturday Fellowship week, but I liked how it came out so much that I decided to send it to my sister for her birthday card, which meant if I shared it at the time the surprise would have been ruined. Anyway, this card is based on the dress Arwen wears when the Fellowship are leaving Rivendell. It's been so long since I have watched the cinematic release that I can't remember how much you see of it there, but I know you see it more in added scenes in the later movies... so if you don't instantly recognise it I'll forgive you.wink

The card has a Perfect Plum base with a gate-fold opening. Over the top on the front is a layer of Pale Plum that was wheeled with the Baroque Border wheel using silver ink and then clear embossed. I can't actually remember now how I rounded the corners in the center at the bottom, but I know it wasn't using a corner rounder... either I traced something and cut by hand or, as I suspect, I used the round tab punch, feeding the corner from the back of the punch so only a small section was "punched". Over the top of the embossing are some Eastern Elegance rub-ons (note: NOT Easterling Elegance rub-ons...) and bellow these is a decorative brad from the Styled Silver Hodgepodge tin. Finally, there is a belt made with Purely Pomegranate satin ribbon. To create the design on it I used a silver gel pen and just eyeballed the sketch of the design from Alley Cat Scratch.
The belt slides off so you can open the card.

Here you get an idea of how I made the belt. I first created a belly-band from cardstock, stuck the ribbon over top, folding over to the back. I cut two more pieces and folded these gate-fold style so the edges met in the middle on the back. These are attached on the inside of the belly-band part of the belt. These were a bit fiddly and initially didn't want to stick (I had avoided using sticky strip as I thought that it's thickness would show edges through the ribbon), but using sticky strip and a few days under something heavy did the trick. You can see where a bit of tape is exposed on the inside of the belt... I've rubbed some baby powder over it so it wasn't sticky any more as it was too awkward to remove it.

Here is a shot of the brad from the back. I spent a little while thinking "how can I have a brad in the middle and it not interfer with how the card opens up?", since traditionally you split the prongs so they lay opposite each other - this would have meant the brad was holding the card closed. The answer was, of course, simple: cut one prong off so it isn't in the way! The brad is only attached to one side and fits nice and tightly so there's no chance it will fall off.

Most supplies by Stampin' Up!
Cardstock: Perfect Plum, Pale Plum
Stamp Set: Baroque Border
Inks: Silver
Accessories: clear embossing powder, Eastern Elegance rub-ons (Spring mini, no longer available), Purely Pomegranate satin ribbon (Spring mini, no longer available), silver gel pen, sticky strip, Styled Silver Hodgepodge
Show watched while creating: Fellowship of the Ring of course!


Sue Madex said...

I am so enjoying your cinema inspired cards Carol! This is another stunner. Love the ribbon belt. Cheers, Sue

Amy Lee said...

I loved this card! I was thinking more Asian flare, but it is beautiful & well done! Great Job!

Pam said...

This card is so wicked!!!!!!!! And I love how much it looks like Arwen's dress.

Zarna said...

Tagged you in a challenge if you feel the urge to join in and you haven't already had a go

Kari said...

Beautiful card, Carol! Love it!