Monday, July 27, 2015

Festival of Triangles

Sorry not a lot of creations to look at lately, been busy again! I started this card last month before the school holidays... and only finished it last week. Then it took me a few more days to take a proper photo of it! It was inspired by my last card, the Petite Pennants birthday card, but using all current products.
The background was created using the Tree punch. There were two ways to go about this: punch the whole tree out and trim the trunk off afterwards, or line the edge of my cardstock up with the bottom of the main tree section so there was no cardstock in the trunk to be punched. I opted for the later as it made it a little easier for using up cardstock scraps and fitting more trees into the limited space. Normally when making a background like this I would line one edge of the piece up with a straight edge of a base layer. This time though I wanted the stamped tree to line up with a triangle underneath it, and I could tell doing that my normal method would result in the tree being in an odd position. So instead I decided where I wanted the tree to go, lined up a ruler along the bottom of the main tree section, and then started placing the triangles up against this. It did mean I was having to trim off bits of triangle hanging off all four edges instead of three like I normally would have, but the overall result is far more satisfying so it's a small price to pay.

Here are the colours I used:

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Belle said...

Carol I wish you lived closer but it's a long commute to Australia from California. My friend Valerie goes about two times a year. Your cards are really truly works of art. I'm so glad I found you on Pinterest. I wish I had your natural talent. Amazing.....

Carol Dunstan said...

wow, thank you so much for your comment! Thanks to the internet, you can virtually visit any time ;)