Sunday, August 12, 2007

status quo

Remember this? Well, I thought it might be interesting to share a photo of what the table is looking like now.
First off... I have nothing to do with the colour of the walls! That's what colour they were when Glenn bought the place and it's the last room (other than the bathroom) to be done... it's always been put in the too hard basket having to move the furniture out, but just maybe it will get done now... Anyway... the computer was on the floor for a week before I got the brainwave of moving the dining table up to put it on... then I found that it was gloriously deep for a computer table and I could push the keyboard back and have room to create biggrin. The bookshelf only had craft stuff on the top shelf, but I've managed to rearrange things a few times so that more important stuff is at hand. The printer/scanner is on the toybox section of the bookshelf, and in front of that is one of those big white folding tables that was covered in stuff relocated from the other rooms till I did some reorganising there too. Quite a few of my stamps sets are in my rolling tote under the white table, or on the table. Ones I'm not using at the moment are still down in the pantry. I still have quite a few supplies scattered around the house, but despite the mayhem I now have more things nearby than ever before, which makes it all tollerable.

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