Thursday, August 06, 2009

Over Embellished?

Here's a snippet of my latest upload to the Elite Challenges Blog. This is another card I made on the team weekend away, using one of the colour challenges (which was an old KW one, shall have to check up which one). There was some suggestion that I had over-embellished this card... I think it went close! Those that saw it on the weekend may also notice it looks a little different now. That's because I was not happy with the sentiment being on a circle, but you see with the Carousel Note being a circle, I felt the sentiment had to be too (you know, like you have to wear brown shoes if you are wearing a brown belt...). But it really wasn't working, so when I got home I ripped it off and re-did it with the new scallop oval punch. Looks much better! I also had to move one of the buttons&brads, so the card is a little ugly on the inside but looks fine from the front wink

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