Friday, October 10, 2008

7 Loves of Card Making - The Joy of Giving

As much as I have enjoyed making a card, the real satisfaction comes from giving it to the intended recipient. I love being there in person so I can see how they react to the card, kids in particular seem amazed that you made a card with their name on it, etc. Part of the giving is the envelope, so I stamped some envelopes to match the cards I have made for the week.

My challenge to you is to decorate some envelopes and send out some cards... couldn't get much more simple but I often make the card and then don't send it out and I know others do this from time to time too. If you've made Christmas cards just get your envelopes addressed as it's still too early to send them out (though if you have left-over 50c stamps you can stick them on too).

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